Reaching Staff:

  • Each room will be equipped with a calling bell for use by residents

  • You may also contact staff through your own telephone

  • Staff also do routine checks to ensure the safety of all residents in the home.

Fire Drills:

  • For prevention purposes, Villa Pugliese regularly conducts fire drills, and practices evacuation procedures with resident. You will be notified in advance of such activity.

  • Emergency exit signs are located at all exit doors, fire escape routes are posted in the hall.

Fall Prevention:

  • Residents at risk for falls are identified in advance and specific safety measures are implemented to reduce the risk of injury. You may be considered at risk if you are taking certain medications, are weak due to recent surgery, have an existing medical condition, or prior history of falls.

  • Handrails are available on all staircases. An elevator is available for use between floors.

Safety Guidelines:

  • Ask for assistance whenever you feel weak, dizzy, drowsy, etc.

  • All residents are asked to wear non-skid slippers inside, especially in the washrooms and kitchen areas.

  • Please bring your own walker and/or cane.

  • Please do not use walkers/cane for support in getting out of bed, our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

  • Use handrails whenever necessary to assist you up and down the stairs and ask for help if you need it.

    Villa Pugliese is in compliance with the City of Toronto By-Laws and offers all the latest in safety and security including wheelchair access and an elevator.